Thursday, April 11, 2013

#53 Philippines' Champorado

Champorado. You can also call it chocolate rice porridge. Growing up in the Philippines, this dish was frequently served at breakfast, or merienda (snacks). We used local unsweetened round chocolates from the small tindahans (stores) to make it. It was a very satisfying champorado journey for me everytime. The journey begins with an adult  yelling for "Vannnn Vannn" while I am at play, then handing me few pesos to buy tsokolate (chocolate) for the champorado. Then under the heat of the Philippine summer sun, I walk very slowly to Manang Narding's store, 5 houses away :) Then when I finally get there, I say.."AYOOOO" very loudly, it is what you say when you want to call someone's attention at a small store, or when you go visit someone's house. I buy a bag of 10 chocolate rounds, and bring it home. Then I play again with friends while waiting for the champorado. :) Such beautiful childhood memories. It was the best. So every time I make this, it never fails to make me smile.



1/2 cup white rice
2-3 tablespoons of ghiradelli, hersheys or similar brand of unsweetened chocolate powder
2-3 cups of water


  1. Boil rice in water, and once it boils, simmer it. Don't let it dry up, so watch closely, the rice will absorb the water,  add more water if you need to. Once the rice starts to soften, add the chocolate powder, let it simmer more until the rice is very very soft and the porridge starts to thicken.
  2. Serve warm with cream, and sweeten it with sugar.

The smell and every bite transport me to happy moments in a very beautiful tropical place. The Philippines.

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