Thursday, November 8, 2012

#6 A dish from the happiest place on Earth

I asked her to pick from a list of countries in Central America.  She chose a great one. According to the New Economics Foundation's Happy Planet Index, COSTA RICA is the happiest place on Earth. It must be paradise! It ranks as the 5th greenest country in Central America, and unlike it's neighboring countries, it has not endured civil war since 1948.  The country has no military.

Costa Rica which translates to "rich coast" has a tropical weather year round, and beautiful beaches. The citizens hate pollution, are very diplomatic, highly satisfied with their lives and their food is delicious.

Last night, we made "Gallo Pinto". The dish is mainly rice and black beans,  seasoned with three fragrant spices:  ground cumin, ground coriander, and ground ginger. She made the trio smile :)

Here's the rest of the ingredients that we used:

canola oil
onion, finely chopped
garlic, minced
cooked white rice
cooked black beans
worcestershire sauce
black pepper
organic cilantro

It's not much more expensive that the non-organic, so why not buy organic?

I soaked the black beans before boiling. 

Here's how we cooked the Gallo Pinto:

Sauteed the garlic and onions, then added the happy spices trio.

Then we added the cooked rice, the cooked beans and the worcestershire sauce.
Mixed well. Then some salt and pepper to taste.

We learned where the beautiful Costa Rica is.
We saw lots of beautiful pictures.
It's capital is San Jose. She said" "What? There are two San Joses?" :)
I told her that San Jose, Costa Rica and San Jose, California are sister cities too.

I really liked this dish. Very easy to make. It's delicious.

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